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Awesome team

We have a great team that understands your needs and delivers exceptional service.


30+ Years experience

We have 3 decades of experience of providing services to corporations around the world.


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We consistently perform high in customer satisfaction rankings.

“If your facilitator is wearing a lab coat then nothing can go wrong! A truly eye-opening and informative training where you learn about product awareness and sustainable usage. Highly recommend..”

Hotel Plein Soleil, Grand Anse, Praslin, Seychelles Brigitte De Charmoy Lablache.

Our History

1993 - 2019

Learning, developing, delivering results and managing team.

It all started in 1987, Terry embarked on the Hospitality Journey and worked for a 5 star restaurant in Swansea, South Wales, where he was a kitchen steward, washing dishes and floors. Shortly after that, he continued his studies into Hospitality Management and today holds and BTEC Diploma in Catering and Institutional Operations.


HMC (Pty) Ltd., Starting of Company

Terry started HMC in 2019 with a passion for excellence.

Terry received tremendous response from the market as soon as he started expanding his reach. HMC (Pty) Ltd ventured into areas of business i.e. Corporate training, Hygiene Training and HACCP support. The response from the market was extremely positive.


Expanded business portfolio

With increased demand due to the company’s exceptional services, HMC (Pty) Ltd., established strategic partnerships with various global suppliers as well as Diplom Chemie of South Africa and FHS Middle East in the UAE.


Even Bigger and Better

Today HMC Trade and Services continues to partner with the Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and supports the department with professional training for the Lospitalite Lafyerte Sesel tourism drive. HMC Trade and Services is also proud to be an Associate Lecturer at The Guy Morel Institute.

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