HMC Training and Trading Partners

Behind every successful organisation is a great and motivated team. Without great people, your business will be average, at best.

Corporate Training

HMC Trade and Services aims to help all of its clients deliver the best-in-class services and products. In order to reach this goal, we offer a variety of services, including soft skills and customer service training, hygiene audits and training, consultancy services, and skills required for your employee development.

Confident mature businessman giving a presentation to his crative team in office. Business brief with annual goals with casual employees. Happy leadership man training young businessmen and smiling businesswomen sitting at conference table.

Our Training Services

Soft Skills

Soft Skills training courses to help your business thrive and get the best from your employees.

Motivating Teams

Build high performing teams, improve team cohesiveness and achieve great results.

Customer Service

Happy customers are the pipeline for any business, practical steps on achieving high rates of customer satisfaction and ratings.


Managing difficult situations and to create a win-win result for all parties involved. Time tested strategies.

Food Safety

Go above and beyond the compliance stipulated food safety standards. Industry experts help you achieve efficiencies.

Service Excellence

Improve your service standard by employing Industry experts with decades of experience in service excellence.

The Benefits

HMC Trade and Services strives to help all of its clients deliver the best-in-class customer service, cleanliness, and hygiene regime via world class support with over 30 years industry experience.